It had rained heavily that day (17.06.2016), the same way its raining heavily in Chennai now. I don’t know why I am triggered to put my memory into words.

This is how it starts…

It had rained heavily that day….

We had emptied the old hostels, H1, H2 & H3, our home for almost a year. As we boarded the bus, there was a restless chit chat going on about the new hostels.

It was quite a scene. IIMs boast quite a diversity and you could see that reflect in everyone’s faces, and also in the state of their minds…

He is a great warrior and a formidable king. His flags fly high across the seas from Greece to Sumatra. Granaries are said to be full and trade is flourishing but there is a problem. He fights the towering personality of his father even after his death.

This is the story of Rajendra Chola written by A. Vennila. She threads a story with a perspective through the eyes of a king. She matches all the historical events with an effort to build a story which is grand but not as grand as Ponniyin Selvan. Because Ponniyin Selvan by Kalki was…

Lion — the Strong and Mighty!

Oho! That’s one movie you should bookmark if you are into watching some serious stuff.

It’s an emotional rollercoaster cum tearjerker with a strong story and it will leave a long-lasting impact on you as you finish it.

The story is all about a kid who loses his track from home, gets adopted, moves to Australia and then traces his home back after two decades. He was five when he gets lost and two decades later he finds his village through Google Earth. It may sound like some stupid fiction but it’s a real story which has inspired this movie.

Ever watched a movie for a person and finally found that the person has very little screen time. Yes, It has happened to me this week.

Well, I saw the below picture of Rosamund Pike and decided to watch the movie. But, it turns out that she appears for only about 4 to 5% screen time in the entire movie. Huh! But the movie was good.

A murder happens as the story opens and it’s a clear case for trial as Ryan Gosling thinks. I was wondering what is there to solve but then I realise that the story has…

“Love is not the same when there is no growing old together.. without that love is just heartbreak”

Ever watched a movie which was entertaining as well was kind of philosophical?!

I think this one is.

The movie has a simple storyline & not much emotional stuff but it makes you think deeply about the concept of ageing.

Ever wanted to defy the natural process?! Then you should watch this movie.

The movie has a beautiful cinematography and shot in such wonderful locations.

The movie moves slowly like a tram but picks the right pace, path and creates an impact…

How intriguing and conflicting a plot can become, when you put an Afghan war veteran who is still suffering from the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a Body Guard to a Politician who steadfast leads a campaign supporting the wars in Afghan & Iraq. Its captivating in fifteen minutes as the plot twists and turns with racy chasing scenes, boardroom arguments, gun shots, ticking bombs, political rivalry, power corridor struggles,failed marriages and an affair.

The story gets the power from the characters who are sharp in looks and strong in character, Julia Montague (Played by Keeley Hawes) and Sergeant David…

Over the years humans have grown out of the caves which were their habitats. They have learnt to cook, farm and make things on their own. They lived in small groups which often used to in-fight among themselves. They were afraid of fire, floods, thunder, lightning and other natural occurrences and worshiped them with a reverence to save them from the impact.

When time went on, they had learnt to barter/trade things with the other similar groups to improve their livelihood. In a way bartering broke their age old idea of plundering other groups to gain/achieve the resources they needed…

As the case of Kathua unfolded, the brutality of the rape and murder had created a dissent among the population. As the dissent grew loud and strong in public forums like Facebook, we had mixed opinions as public reaction of the case.

As my newsfeed got populated with multiple opinions, I chose a different role. I chose to sit back and sip into the content. Its not like I didnt have an opinion. I did have something as loud as possible. Yet I thought, I should dissect the arguments of these people. But, all I ended up was segmenting them…

“The rope that pulls you from the flood can become a noose around your neck”

-Khaled Hosseini, And the Mountains Echoed.

As I complete the book “A thousand Splendid Suns”, I end up contemplating about what’s happening all around me. Often beliefs of people not only has an effect on them but also ends up affecting the lives of the people around them. Though the story revolves around three women, I am quite fascinated by the background of the story.

The public outrage of the gruesome rape and murder of Asifa has come to a halt in the social media. For the ignorant, Asifa Bano was a 8 year old girl who was drugged and raped by men to show their dominance. The Kathua rape case as it’s referred created an outrage in the Indian media as few Indian politicans and lawyers came in support of the murders. Though the Indian law enforcement authority has arrested the offenders,the judiciary is yet to declare its verdict.

As the case of Kathua slowly got disappeared in the perennial stream of content, there…

Saravana Rajakumar

You will find me questioning the premise of an argument often. Making a living by connecting the numbers with the story!

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